Tucson is back from the Editor


I didn’t write today. I know. So much for keeping Ass in Chair. But I was anxiously waiting to get Tucson back from my editor. First he said I’d have it back Tuesday night. Then he emailed me on Wednesday saying he wanted to take one more pass at it. And I finally got it back just before I had to go to my day job this morning.

I’ll go through his edits and comments this weekend and hopefully have it up sometime next week. Why so long? Well, remember how I said I got a new template for this site? I figure it will be easier to install and set up the template first. And then figure out how to make Tucson available to the Citizens of My World.

And just so you know, my editor, Jason Whited, thinks Tucson is even stronger than Mind Upload and Saving Memories. So if you want to read a great story and get the inside track on the Power Series, claim your Citizenship and Join My World!

Writing in Public: 9/16/14


Fiction Word Count: 125

Last week my Writing in Public (aka Ass in Chair) experiment kind of floundered. Most days, I’d tinker with with the EG story, maybe add or delete a few words. But mostly, I worked on getting Tucson ready for my editor.

Today was my first day of really getting back to writing. And I have to admit, my word count sucked. Taking last week off basically sent me back to day 1 of this experiment. (Note to self: never do that again!)

I sent Tucson to my editor last night. I should get it back later tonight or tomorrow. And I hope to send it out to the Citizens of My World by Friday.

Updates: Tucson, EG, and Websites


I continued to check things off my list of changes and additions for Tucson. When I’m done, I’ll go through the story a couple more times to make sure everything looks good before giving it to my editor. And then he can rip it apart.

I didn’t write anything new for the EG story today. Instead, I went back and reread what I’d already written. There are a few additions I need to make there, too. But overall, I like how that story is coming along.

I also downloaded a new template for this site, as well as ConquerPublishing.com. Look for major changes to both sites over the next few weeks.

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