Updates: Tucson, EG, and Websites


I continued to check things off my list of changes and additions for Tucson. When I’m done, I’ll go through the story a couple more times to make sure everything looks good before giving it to my editor. And then he can rip it apart.

I didn’t write anything new for the EG story today. Instead, I went back and reread what I’d already written. There are a few additions I need to make there, too. But overall, I like how that story is coming along.

I also downloaded a new template for this site, as well as ConquerPublishing.com. Look for major changes to both sites over the next few weeks.

Research, Progress, and a Petition

I haven’t written for a couple days. I’ve been doing some research for EG and writing beats for the remainder of the story. If everything goes right, I should have the first draft completed by next Friday, the 12th. But no promises.

I also haven’t been working on Tucson. No excuses. Just been a lazy week. And to think it started off so great. Anyway, I plan to have my changes and edits done by next Friday. And that is a promise.

Also, please sign the petition to make September Dystonia Awareness Month, http://1.usa.gov/1lttlke. Dystonia is a movement disorder that I have dealt with for the past 35 years. Dystonia strikes 1 in 600 Americans, more that ALS and MD combined.

Writing in Public: Day 16


Fiction Word Count: 219

Worked on the new story this morning. I still don’t have title for it yet. And my working title gives too much of the story away. I’ll just refer to it as EG from now on.

I started to change, add to, and edit Tucson after work today. I knocked a couple things off the list of changes I need to make. But they were the easy changes. Tomorrow the fun starts.

I also want to change a character’s name. But that should be easy enough. I just have to find the right name. Right now this character’s name is very similar to the bad guy’s name, and the bad guy is already established in my mind.

Welcome to my World…